Eversharp Doric

Production: 1930s Brand Nationality: American Cap and Body Material: [...]

Eversharp Doric2020-05-21T02:52:11-04:00

Sheaffer Snorkel

Brand Nationality : American Production: 1952-1959 Nib: Either 14K [...]

Sheaffer Snorkel2020-05-20T23:08:59-04:00

Parker Vacumatic

Production: 1932-48Brand Nationality: AmericanCap and Body Material: CelluloidNib: 14K Gold [...]

Parker Vacumatic2020-05-21T02:58:40-04:00

Parker 61

Brand Nationality: American Production: 1956 (Mk I), 1962 (Mk II), [...]

Parker 612020-03-31T15:00:59-04:00
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