Brand Nationality: German
Model Shown Below : “Mount Everest” (2008)
Nib: 18K Two-Tone and Monotone available
Filling system: Integrated Piston

“Mount Everest” (2008)

The pen was tuned/adjusted by Mike Masuyama for the original owner. The barrel is just lovely, almost makes me think of Maki-e work, but isn’t really ‘sprinkled’ per se, rather an etching of the topographical map of Mount Everest with the solid areas representing sunlight hitting the peak. Has a clear glossy layer over the surface so there’s no texture to be felt even though it appears to have some visually. Compared to an M800, the M640 is slightly thicker and about 3 grams heavier (M640 being 33g, and M800 being 30g). It is however still shorter than the M800, and also has a smaller nib than the M800.