Brand Nationality: Italian
Model: Divina, Desert Springs, Limited Edition (#872 of 1,618)
Filler: “Pull and Push Touchdown Filler” (Vacuum Filler)
Material: Celluloid Body and Cap
Production: 2008-present
Nib: 18K 2-tone

One of the longest/largest pens I’ve owned. Unlike some of the regular models, this one appears to have a vacuum filler instead of the hidden piston converter. The nib is quite a bit on the wet side with a bit of spring to it. The cap jewel can come off with either fingernails or a strong magnet and is designed to be replaced with a personalized jewel. The nib and feed are friction fit, and can be easily removed from the section (which can make flushing easier if using a saturated ink).

The design, sizing and numbering of the pen is based on the Golden Ratio, which is also known as the divine number (1.618~).