Production: 1940s
Brand Nationality: American
Cap Material: Celluloid Striated, Polystyrene, Gold-rolled, or Solid 14K Gold*
Body and Section Material : Celluloid Striated (early 40s), Polysterene or Solid 14K Gold*
Nib: 14K Gold, Monotone, varies from firm to full flex offerings
Sizes (capped length): Demi (4.75″), Standard (5.25″), and Executive (5.5″)

* “Command Performance” model

Skyline Demi in “Army/Navy” configuration

This is one of the nicer ones I’ve owned, features an uncommon wide cap band (meant to be engraved on) with an Army-Navy color configuration. The idea was that the cap originally red and white stripped with a Navy Blue body and Derby Cap dome would be capable of being worn by a serviceman regardless of the branch of the military. Course after 70+ years the white turned into sort of a green color, I’ve not seen an example of this that has remained white.

Standard Size Skyline in Brown “Modern Moire”

Demi Size Skyline in Silver “Modern Moire”

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