Brand Nationality: American
Production: 1956 (Mk I), 1962 (Mk II), 1969 (Mk III) until 1983
Nib: 14K Fine-Medium (hooded)
Filling system: Capillary Action (Mark I & II), Parker Cartridge/Converter (Mark III)

61 Signet (Mk III)

The Parker 61 shown below is an Mark 3 Signet, made in England. Has a 12K Gold-filled (Signet is filled, Presidential is solid gold) barrel and cap with a black plastic section and hooding over the 14K tublar nib simular to the Parker 51. Prior to the Mark III the filling system is what made the Parker 61 unique, a capilary action filler that fills itself when dipped into the ink. The Mark III uses a Parker Cartridge/Converter filling system that is compatible with modern Parker cartridges and converters.

The 61 usually has a gold arrow sticker on top of the nib hooding, this one has been lost and appears to have been sanded off a little (the shape is still there, but smoothed out). The one shown below also has a Rolls-Royce logo imprinted into the metal and filled in with black paint.

I found it to be lighter than my Eversharp Slim Ventura which features a 14K Gold-Filled body and cap, the Nib on this 61 is just as smooth as the one on my Slim Ventura. However the Parker 61 I have here cannot write on the backside of the nib like the Eversharp Slim Ventura was made to do. Overall I like the 61 Signet, the large grip area makes it comfortable to write with, and the C/C system makes it a little easier to clean and flush.